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Film: The Accidental Documentarian

Pulling stories from serendipitous encounters, Robin Greenspun’s films — including the new one debuting at the Las Vegas Film Festival — shed light on unseen lives 

Las Vegas Filmmaker Focuses On Sex Trafficking In New Film

The Las Vegas Film Fest is underway and one of its organizers is a film buff who 20 years ago started CineVegas, and this year has a documentary in the festival about sex trafficking in Nevada.

Are You Really My Friend?

Listen to Tanja Hollander, curator Denise Markonish, and WAMC’s Sarah LaDuke discuss how Are you really my friend? explores, through portraits and paraphernalia, what friendship means to Tanja and what friendship means today — in the age of social media and easy surface relationships.

Tanja Hollander finds answers to ‘Are You Really My Friend?’

The Auburn photographer will display thousands of images of her friends, and the travels she took to reach them, in a new exhibition at Mass MoCA.

Can You Really Know All Your Facebook Friends? This Photographer Tried to Find Out.

Like many Facebook users, Tanja Hollander realized that when she was sharing information on the social network, some of the people reading her posts she was in constant communication with, while others she barely knew. Some, she didn’t really know at all. She wondered: “Am I really friends with all of these people?”

Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl

The young woman Dana, who has Crohn’s Disease, is featured in the film Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl.

Dana Marshall-Bernstein’s legacy lives on in the film, Semicolon; The Adventures Of Ostomy Girl

After battling a severe case of Crohn’s for most of her life, Dana Marshall-Bernstein dies at 28.

Kirakosyan on Greenspun, 'Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl'

Semicolon is a film about two extraordinary women, Dana Marshall-Bernstein, also known as Ostomy Girl, and her mother, Cari Marshall, who share how they have individually and jointly coped with the hardships occasioned by Dana’s severe chronic disease.